Amendment extending the autonomy of the Port of Salerno, Gallozzi: “A first step towards protecting the seaport”

“The approval from the conference between the state and the region on the extension of port autonomy in Salerno is an important first step towards protecting the future of our seaport”, notes Agostino Gallozzi, president of Assotutela. “Credit must go to the Campania region and our MPs for having listened to the alarm raised by the entrepreneurs involved in the management of the port. We are certain of the validity of the arguments we have put forward over the months: the reform cannot be allowed to negatively affect ports which are well managed and which are known internationally for operational excellence and competitiveness. We are certain that the result we obtained today will work to the advantage not only of the port itself but of the entire Salerno area. These are the best possible conditions to permit a rational and well thought out political and institutional plan of action to consolidate the administrative and organisational autonomy of the Port of Salerno.”