The Gallozzi Group was founded in Salerno in the early 1950s


A young couple of 29 and 22 years of age, Giuseppe and Tina, decided to give life to their dreams of founding their own business. They linked their dreams with the insight which told them that the development of Salerno and of the South of Italy was intimately linked with the sea.

In 1952 the Giuseppe Gallozzi Shipping Agency was founded


With two third class tickets wich remain to this day emblems of the business, Giuseppe and Titina moved from Naples to Salerno to found the Agenzia Marittima Giuseppe Gallozzi.

This was a turning point for the local economy: the produce of the local canning industry could finally leave for overseas markets directly from the port of Salerno without having to go via Naples.

The shipping agency specialises in the export of loose freight to overseas markets


The first ship to leave from the port was a Transmarine boat loaded with canned goods from a company called Florio, destined for England.

The 1960s and the first innovations: door-to-door service


Giuseppe Gallozzi created a door-to-door service, with palletised goods going straight from factories in the Salerno area to the warehouses of English and Northern European importers.

The early 70s: the age of the containers


With the arrival of containers, the Gallozzi Group made initial investments in port facilities for container handling. Thus began a new era of freight shipping to England, first by train, then by boat.

The purchase of the first Ormig 1750 port crane


It was this investment which allowed the Gallozzi Group to include Salerno Port in the major international container shipping routes.

In 1982 the company became Gallozzi Shipping Limited SpA


The business changed form to become an SpA

In 1984 Giuseppe (Joe) Gallozzi received an MBE from Queen Elizabeth II


For having dedicated 30 years to the development of shipping between Italy and the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II awarded Giuseppe Gallozzi with an MBE


In the 1980s the three brother became part of the business

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Agostino, Enzo and Enrico with their father Giuseppe

In 1991 the Salerno Container Terminal opened


The local experience of the Gallozzi group combined with Contship Italia to develop terminal services within the Salerno port.

In 1991 the purchase of a GOTTWALD crane

gru gottwald2

A new investment to optimise the management of transoceanic vessels headed for the USA, Australia and the Far East

15th October 1991, Giuseppe Joe Gallozzi passed away


In 1991 the three brothers took the reins of the Gallozzi Group.

gallozzi brothers

Agostino Gallozzi, the eldest brother, took on the position of CEO with his brothers as Vincenzo and Enrico as Executive Board Members

In 1995 Gallozzi Group SpA was founded

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2002 was the year of Marina d’Arechi

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After the project was launched in 2000, talks began surrounding the construction of a new tourist port in Salerno.

With recent investments, the Gallozzi Group has established several marinas; and through them provides tourism services the length and breadth of the Italian peninsula.

In 2004 Agostino Gallozzi was named “Cavaliere del Lavoro” by the President of Italy, thus receiving a knighthood.


In 2005 Salerno Transport Services Srl was set up to offer third party transport services

transport services

In 2007 GF Logistic and GF Logistic China were founded


International delivery services focused on good travelling to and from the far East

In 2010 work began on Marina d’Arechi


On the 7th of June 2012 the first 480 berths in Marina d’Arechi were opened


The new marina is one of the most important in the Mediterranean, covering 340,000 square metres of water for an investment of 120 million Euros. In time, the marina will expand to hold 1000 berths for boats from 10 to 100 metres long.

In 2015 GF Logistic opened an office in London

In August 2016 an agreement was signed for shipment of trains for the new metro in Lima

TRENI PER LIMAOn a monthly basis, the 42 new trains produced by Hitachi Rail Italy/Reggio Calabria (ex Ansaldo Breda) will be sent by SCT to Peru

2017: GF Logistic Turkey was founded.

2017: GF Logistic Turkey was founded in Istanbul.

2020: GF Logistic Turkey opened a new branch in IZMIR

GF Logistic Turkey opened a new branch in IZMIR

2021: GF Logistic Parma was founded

2021: GF Logistic Parma was founded.

2021: GF Logistic Turkey opened a new branch in Mersin

2021: GF Logistic Turkey opened a new branch in Mersin