Marina d'arechi salerno port village

One of the largest marinas in the Mediterranean

1000 berths from 10 up to 100 meters long and 340000 sq. meters of protected sea basin

Marina d'arechi salerno port village
Marina d'arechi salerno port village
Marina d'arechi salerno port village

Each berth is equipped with the latest and most efficient energy supply systems, as well as water supply, sanitation and health checks.

In addition to the highest standard facilities for yachting, the marina offers a variety of leisure and entertainment services. It is located in a real yachting paradise, a charming gateway to the Amalfi Coast, Positano, the Isle of Capri and to many natural and archaeological wonders and social hubs.

Marina d’Arechi can be easily reached by car, high-speed train and plane.



Protected water basin: 340,000 sqm

  • Berthing quays: 6.2 km
  • Main breakwater: 1,300 m
  • Electrical cables: 80 km
  • Water pipes: 20 km
  • Maximum electrical power at moorings: 6,000 kw
  • 400 power and water pedestals with 1,200 sockets and 1,200 taps
  • 105 fire hydrants
  • Depth at the moorings between 7 m and 3.5 m


Marina d'arechi salerno port village

The technical services of Marina d’Arechi are among the most complete in the Mediterranean, with a shipyard within the port occupying over 7,000 m2 (as well as a winter storage area of 8,000 m2), and a 220-tonne travel lift operating from a 9.5 metre wide and 7-metre long slipway.

Shipyard personnel are specialised in the maintenance of all parts and systems on the vessels.


  • Slipway and launchway for vessels up to 40 mt
  • Thermoshrinking coverage for vessels
  • Hull hydro-cleaning
  • Application of antifouling
  • Polishing of hull and steel parts
  • Resining, varnishing, and carpentry
  • Treatment of teak and other wooden parts
  • Repair or replacement of steel parts
  • Engine and machinery maintenance
  • Work on transmitters, propulsion and steering systems



  • Maintenance of hydraulic, electrohydraulic, electric and electronic systems
  • Repairs and production of internal and external upholstery
  • Motorised truck for transportation of vessels weighing up to 60 ton
  • Winter storage
  • Repairs to rafts and tenders
  • Rigging, sails and sail equipment
  • Installation and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning systems
  • Installation and maintenance of fire safety systems